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 General Rules​

  • Dancers will compete in their age division which is determined by their age as of Jan.1st of the competition year.

  • There are three level divisions, please register your dancers to the best of your ability.

  • All routines will be judged by three Acrobatic Arts faculty or a similar specialist.

  • All routines will be scored out of 100 by each judge. The final score is the average of the three judges scores.

  • Video critiques (3 per routine) will be available in your registration account after the event.



for the true beginner, this dancer engages with acro/aerial at a recreational level and does not dance more than two hours per week.

for the dancer who trains slightly more seriously than the recreational dancer but does not yet want to participate in the full competitive program. These dancers train on average 3-5 hours a week. 

The competitive dancer is serious about their dance training and typically dances more than 6+ hours a week. They have experience in their training and take classes to supplement their acrobatics training. 

Hours of training are only a suggestive guideline please place your dancers to the best of your ability. 


Solo: 3 Minutes

Duo/Trio: 3 Minutes

All Groups (any size): 5 Minutes






Payment Deadline In Person Event: December 1st 2023 



AcroDance is the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. Often defined by unique choreography, acro dancers seamlessly blend musicality, emotional expression, line and extension with acrobatic movements in a dance context. AcroDance is an especially challenging style for dancers to master as training in both dance and acrobatic elements is required. Acro technique includes balancing, limbering, tumbling and partnering, based in flexibility, contortion and strength.The fusion of acrobatic content with dance elements, focusing on the blend of making acrobatics 50% of the routine and dance 50% of the routine. AcroDance routines show clearly-defined dance elements with the expectation of dance technique throughout transitions. As to be expected in all dance categories, performers should aim to fully utilize the entire stage as much as possible within their performance. Mats are not permitted.

More traditional acrobatic routines that do not focus on deeply blending acrobatics with dance. The primary focus is acrobatics (approximately 80%) and dance elements are a more secondary component (20%) and, therefore, Acrobatics routines may not travel the stage as much as AcroDance routines do. Acrobatics routines may have a similar style to sport acro or may have a slightly more gymnastics feel. This is an appropriate category for Gymnastics-based displays. Thin strip mats are permitted.

Acro Open
An acrobatics-style routine that combines many acrobatic/dance/circus disciplines; therefore, classifying better under an open category. Tap shoes, singing, and floor mats are permitted.

A showcase of flexibility elements composed into a routine. Mats are not permitted.

Tumbling Showcase/Gymnaestrada
A routine comprised primarily of tumbling and stunting elements with choreo- graphic features that are secondary to the overall performance. This is a suitable category for Gymnastics-based displays. Thin strip mats are permitted.

A partner category specifically designed to showcase overhead lifts and partner balances. An adagio routine demonstrates strength, flexibility and balance but does not necessarily need to travel the entire use of the stage as would be expected in an AcroDance category. Mats are not permitted.

Hand Balancing
A routine composed primarily of hand balancing elements that may or may not be performed on rods or blocks. Mats are not permitted.

Aerial Hoop/Ring (freestanding)
An aerial hoop routine in which the performer spends 50% or more of the routine suspended from a freestanding aerial prop. The prop does not have a base directly below the anchor point. The hoop may be two-point attachment or single-point with spinning permitted as preferred by the choreographer. A small mat is permitted under the prop.

Hoop Lollipop/Lyra Aerial Ring/or Weggsphere (freestanding)
An Aerial hoop/ring-style routine in which the performer spends at least 50% of the routine on a Lollipop or Weggsphere style prop. A small mat is permitted under the prop. In this routine the base of the prop is often used choreo- graphically.

Aerial Silks/Fabric/Tissue (freestanding)
An aerial routine performed on silks/fabric/tissue in which the performer spends 50% or more of the routine on a freestanding prop rigged with silks/fab- ric/tissue. A small mat is permitted under the prop.

Aerial Trapeze (freestanding)
An aerial trapeze routine in which the performer spends 50% or more of the routine on a stationary trapeze or a aerial cube. A small mat is permitted under the prop.

Aerial Cube (freestanding)
An aerial cube routine in which the performer spends 50% or more of the routine on an aerial cube suspended from a freestanding rig. A small mat is permitted under the prop.

Aerial Open (freestanding)
An open aerial routine in which the performer uses an aerial device not already listed in an alternative category such as straps, hammock or custom creations such as spi- ral, sail, heart, square or other. A small mat is permitted under the prop.

Object Manipulation & Juggling
An entertaining routine focussed around object manipulation or juggling infused with Acrobatic and variety elements. Tap shoes, singing or speaking is permitted. Mats are not permitted.

Open Circus
A performance that does not easily fall into any of the above alternative categories featuring content originating from circus-based disciplines or acrobatics including but not limited to German Wheel, Cyr, or other circus apparatus. Small mats are permitted under any freestanding props.


Palladium: 80-87
Titanium: 88-90
Platinum: 91-93
Rulers Crown 94+


Topaz 5-6yrs
Sapphire 7-8yrs (Micro)
Quart 9-10yrs (Mini)
Garnet 11-12yrs (Junior)
Emerald 13-14yrs (Intermediate)
Ruby 15-16yrs (Teen)
Diamond 17-19yrs (Senior) 
Young-Adult 20-24yrs
Adult 25-39yrs
Legend 40yrs+

* Actual divisions for Top Ten Awards will be determined once the number of entries per age division per level has been reviewed 


No refunds on registrations, all entries are final and non-refundable.



Participation in physical activity of any kind assumes some degree of risk, all entries must agree to the terms of participation regarding injury, refunds and photo/video release. Participating studios must have sufficient liability insurance for their registering students. 

The Studio and participant hereby agrees that it will not hold the Service Provider or any of their directors, owners, producers, sponsors, employees, independent contractors, volunteers, host facilities or others acting on their behalf (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Releasees”), liable for any physical or mental injury, paralysis, death, or loss or destruction of any personal property that may occur during, resulting from or in connection to the Services. The Studio hereby voluntarily releases, forever discharges, and indemnifies and holds harmless the Releasees for any and all causes of action, which are in any way connected with the Services, including such claims which allege negligent acts or omissions of the Releasees. The Studio represents to the Service Provider that it has obtained adequate insurance coverage for the Registrants and that it has obtained a signed liability release and assumption of risk from each of the Registrants or their parent or legal guardian.

Photo/Video Release
All participants release permission for Dynasty AcroDance Competition, Global Dance Services Inc and Acrobatic Arts Inc the unrestricted use of photos/videos as collected for participation in Dynasty AcroDance Competition.

Ownership of Materials and Permission to Publish. All digital media, videotape, sound or other audio-visual recordings of Registrants in any way or manner developed, produced or recorded by the Service Provider inconnection with the provision of the Services (collectively, the “Materials”) will be the property of the Service Provider, its agents, successors, assigns and licensees for use in perpetuity. The use of the Materials will not be restricted in any manner and may be used for promotional purposes including but not limited to, print publishing, website publishing and/or radio/television advertisement without restriction or compensation. Registrants are deemed to have given their permission for the Service Provider and/or their affiliate service providers, permission for any photograph, or video taken of any dancer(s) to be used for promotional purposes without compensation, including, but not limited to: newspapers, brochures, ads, television, sales, videos, internet and social media including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, newsletter and any other media. The Studio represents to the Service Provider that it has obtained an appropriate release of liability and claims related to such Materials from each of the Registrants or their parent or legal guardian.

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